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admission essay sample onlineProviding insight backed by years of experience, and coupled with a quality essay sample is our way of giving back. We want to help you master the art of essay writing. Tips on how to write an essay and a good example can help you by allowing you to see how a finished product, when it is done well can have an immediate impact on the reader. Words are a powerful tool, and the use of them can persuade, dissuade, inform, enlighten, touch and so much more. Using them wisely can only work towards your benefit when it comes to writing an essay of your own.

Critical Essay Writing Samples

When it comes to writing, an academic example can go a long way in helping determine what might or might not work best for you. For instance, the critical essay writing samples can provide you with instantaneous tips that might prove to be beneficial.

Example of Critical Essay Writing

admission essay sample 2017Effective critical essay writing provides an analysis of something that has been predetermined such as a book, movie, or painting. The purpose of such writing is to provide the reader with the ability to situate what you are describing into a broader context. For example, when writing a critical essay on Beauty and the Beast, one might open with, “Belle has never been one to conform to common standards, so it should come as no surprise that she opted to form a non-traditional relationship with one whom others might view as an oddity or an outcast.” This example of critical essay writing sets the tone for immediately analysing Belle, one of the main characters of the book, within a broader context of the story.

You would continue the short essay with a clear presentation of your own evidence and argument, disclosing any limitations that might be present. For instance, you might write somewhere towards the end of your critical essay that:

Belle fell in love with the Beast despite his unsightly appearance and lack of social presence. Perhaps had she been in a different setting, the situation would be entirely dissimilar, but in this specific example she must be credited with opting to dig deeper and discover, as well as appreciate, the beauty within the beast.

Writing a Narrative Essay Examples

Because a narrative essay is experiential and meant to capture emotion, writing ideas are quite predictably important as elements to consider. Narrative essay writing examples should be emotive and draw the reader in. Perhaps personal anecdotes can be used to help the reader relate. Essay argues for a narrative will almost always include mention of the way the writing made the reader feel.

For instance, one might write:

If you’ve ever been far from home when you learned of a loved one being sick or hurt, you will understand the helplessness and desperation Belle felt when she discovered that her father had fallen ill.

Because most everyone can relate to such an instance, there is a high probability that your reader can understand the narrative you are trying to put forth in your essay writing. You have captured a common ground between the storyline and the one reading it.

An Admission Essay Sample

example of critical essay writing for collegeShould your task be to write with hope of admission, it would behove you to work with us in discovering tips on how to write such an essay. An admission essay should reflect who you are to the committee but also offer them insight as to why you would be a good fit for their institution. You don’t want to start with something common and uninteresting and risk losing their attention at the ready. For instance, you might start with a catchy opening statement such as:

As a child, reading was always on my list of things to do. I was always that kid who walked home from the library with a stack of books so tall it made it hard to see where my steps were taking me, and oh how I cherished that time alone with my books when I finally made it home. I would sit and voraciously devour those books, one by one, stopping only when my mother insisted I eat, sleep or bathe. It should come as little surprise to those who know me then, to learn that being a book editor has become my career choice, as I have progressed throughout my childhood and into the present, still an ardent lover of books and reading. Admission into your Progressive Literary Program would certainly enable me to take the next step into this carefully selected and hopefully, lifelong career journey.

You want to paint a picture with an admission essay, of how your goals fit into the academic mission of the college or university to which you are applying. You want to prove you are a good fit, in a compelling manner that doesn’t feel, ironically, too academic.

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Sample Scholarship Essays

Sample scholarship essays serve much of the same purpose as did the admission essay examples. They allow you to understand how one might influence a committee to approve them for a scholarship. Essay writing help online is easy to find when it comes to scholarship writing, perhaps too easy. We help you narrow down the relative facts and single out information only you will need. What you want to prove in a scholarship essay is that you have what it takes to stand out in a crowd while fulfilling all scholarship essay writing requirements to the letter. You’ll want to read through and know what is expected of you in the essay and conform to the standards while still allowing the readers to sit up and take notice of who you are as a person. Sample scholarship essays can serve a writer well, by helping you to get a feel for what may or may not work in garnering such committee attention.

For instance, one might write a compelling conclusion for a scholarship being offered to those of lower socioeconomic status that embraces what makes them unique but still shows what makes them a good fit as well. To write an example so you gain better clarity one might conclude such a scholarship essay with

Though I have grown up in an impoverished environment, I believe the goals I share with those who have led a more entitled life are similar or the same, with the primary difference between us simply being the means to an end. As such I hope to persuade you to accept my entry to become a scholarship recipient, so that I may enter your institution with those of a higher socioeconomic standard, but so so on equal playing ground.

Application Essay Sample

The application essay must also persuade, particularly if one is applying to an institution with a limited acceptance rate. The key is to engage the reader and to compel them to side with you, for whatever reason you might choose. Your argument should be reasonable and unquestionably aligned with the school or program goals or otherwise cemented in a solid foundation:

Providing a high quality, attainable and affordable education to students is not just a life goal for me, it is also a passion that cannot be diminished or quenched. My volunteer activities in the impoverished school systems, my student teaching in the poorer neighborhoods, and my voluntary outside training to learn how to best work with children whose behavior requires positive intervention, lends itself nicely to your overall college goals and mission statement. It is my wish to be a part of what may enrich all areas of teaching, including those that are often overlooked or even dreaded within our communities.

Appealing to the goals they have made for their programs, and proving your steps up to this point (that have led in the same direction) can go a long way towards an ultimate ‘yes’ when it comes to an application.

Sample University Essay

The sample university essay is similar to the admission essay. It adds depth to your application and can help be a determining factor as to whether or not your application will be accepted for university admission.

Sample of Academic Essay

An academic essay must have a clear sense of the argument that draws a reader in and allows them to see both the side of the story writer is trying to present as well as the side that would be opposed. It will provide clear objectives that are backed by substantial merit and foundational references. It must be formed with solid research that allows the writer to have a learned insight into whatever argument they are presenting. It must engage the reader in such a way as to help them form an opinion for or against the point you are making, and it should never be boring by nature. The true academic essay writer understands how to use words to incite an argument, even if for nothing other than argument’s sake. It is not read and dismissed, but rather read and mentally or verbally contemplated alone or with others. For example:

Those who are married in today’s culture are 68% more likely to get a divorce than those who were married just ten years ago (reference). That figure alone insights many today, including women who were traditionally not likely to do so (reference), to consider living alone or cohabitating rather than making an official marital commitment (reference).

This gets the readers thinking perhaps about people they know who are single or married, or how many they know who have been divorced. It may even encourage them to consider their own situations past and present, and determine how they fit into the academic references provided. It will also encourage them to take a stance agreeing with or objecting to what it is you are saying.

Essay Sample of Choice

We will provide essay samples of choice to you should you wish to view them. It is one of many services we provide to help you with each of your essay writing needs. Should it be a draft, core, or entire paper, or any of the stages of proofreading and editing, we provide the necessary tools to help make your job of writing an essay so much easier than it would be if you were doing it on your own.

When you choose to work with us, critical essay examples are just one of many perks you will be privy to!